IVR Announces VR27 Electric (EV) and Hybrid Vehicle Awareness Course with DCPC Hours

The IVR is delighted to announce that VR27 Electric (EV) and Hybrid awareness course now comes with 7 hours of Driver CPC. Aimed at providing an understanding of the specific requirements for safe handling of EV and Hybrid Vehicles during transportation, movement and minor roadside repairs, the addition of qualifying DCPC hours to the VR27 is an exciting development. 

"It has taken some time to bring the VR27 with DCPC hours to the table because we wanted the  DCPC hours to be relevant to what recovery operators do", comments Chris Hoare, IVR Vice Chairman. "An EV vehicle brings additional challenges for our roadside technicians so we wanted to ensure an understanding of the potential hazards when moving these vehicles but also where our role ends and the emergency services and manufacturers role begins".

As with all IVR VR modules that carry  DCPC hours, attendees achieve both the DCPC hours and the NHSS17 Training Scheme VR modules qualification simultaneously, reducing time away from the workplace.

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