VR16 - Advanced Winching (heavy vehicle recovery)


Situations where winching is required to safely place the casualty vehicle in a position to be loaded onto a recovery vehicle. The safety and theory of operation of winches exceeding 8000 lbs. Instruction in the identification and use of ropes and ancillary equipment relevant to the recovery of heavy vehicles, including the calculations of resistances and loads.


  • Health and safety as it applies to the use of winches
  • Types of winches used in heavy vehicle recovery
  • Ropes and ancillary equipment used to recover heavy vehicles
  • Theory and calculations
  • Hand signal instructions to direct a winch operator

Practical Skill Instruction

  • Demonstrate the correct use and deployment of all equipment. Preparing and winching of the casualty heavy vehicle
Module/course code
Module/course name
Advanced Winching (heavy vehicle recovery)
Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Duration (full course)
14 hours
Duration (refresher course)
7 hours
Combined course?
DCPC accreditation
DCPC course number
CRS 9036-540