VR13 - Underlift Units (heavy vehicle recovery)


Underlift units and all the safety aspects associated with them when carrying out routine recovery procedures.


  • Health and safety as it applies to the use of underlifts
  • Underlift variations, features and performance
  • Operating procedures and equipment checks
  • Loading and unloading procedures using underlift
  • Towing procedures and hazard analysis

Practical Skill Instruction

  • Demonstrate the correct use and deployment of all equipment. Stabiliser legs, cross heads fittings, straps, chains and tensioners. Loading, transporting and unloading of the casualty vehicle.
Module/course code
Module/course name
Underlift Units (heavy vehicle recovery)
Module/course type
Heavy Recovery
Duration (full course)
14 hours
Duration (refresher course)
7 hours
Combined course?
DCPC accreditation
DCPC course number
CRS 1116-540